Motto: Look beyond the appearances

Welcome to the site of Werdnig Hoffman Association from Carei !

Our association represents people from Carei and all around the country, as well as their families, affected by Werdnig Hoffman Syndrome and other physical handicaps caused by a rare or common disease.
The association was founded because I, myself have a physical  handicap caused by a rare disease and I would like that together with all the members of the association to try to pull out the people with disabilities from the anonymity in which they live.
We want to help people that have preconceptions to realize that we are not what we seem to be…and even if our soul is locked in a body…any kind of body, our dreams can reach up to the highest level.
It’s essential for people to be informed about what a person with disability truly means.
It is equally important that the parents of children with disabilities are able to conduct an exchange of experience, and it is equally important for them to manage to co-operate with specialized doctors.
We hope that together we will indeed look beyond the appearances, we will manage to know each other better and that we will manage to create, in society, the correct image about what a person with disability truly means.


We are grateful to those who joined us
       and to those who will join us
       in this activity !
Veres Robert – president AWH